81 Produce’s talents team up with Natsuichi Books

81 Produce Natsuichi Books

81 Produce’s talents – Takuya Eguchi, Soma Saito and Kento Ito – lent their voice to Natsuichi Books’ special reading videos.

81 Produce‘s seiyuu talents Takuya Eguchi, Soma Saito, Kento Ito and Rie Takahashi recently collaborated with Natsuichi Books for a series of short reading videos to promote their authors.

All seiyuu lent their voices to 2 novels, reading excerpts for these special promotional videos.

Takuya Eguchi lent his voice to Nokori Zenbu Vacation by Isaka Kotaro and Shibo Yuugi by Kazuki Sakuraba.

Check both reading videos below.

Soma Saito lent his voice to Umi no mieru Rihatsuten by Hiroshi Ogiwara and SO-far So・Faa from Zoo1 by Otsu Ichi.

Check both reading videos below.

And Kento Ito lent his voice to Mojiban by Hiroki Nagaoka and Konsen by Miyuki Miyabe.

Check both reading videos below.

For more information on each of these books, please refer to the Natsuichi Book’s videos (links above).