7Colors release short preview of new song “Original Colors”

Today, 7Colors released a preview of their new song “Original Colors“.

Who are 7Colors? An intro:

7Colors is one of the two original units (the other being Clarity) part of Pony Canyon and Voltage Inc’s smartphone game “Anidol Colors”.

The lineup counts with Yuto Suzuki (Marginal #4), Taku Yashiro (KiLLER KiNG, DRAMATIC STARS), Junta Terashima (GROWTH, THE kogadou), Yamaya Yoshitaka (GROWTH, W), Yusuke Shirai (HighxJoker), Shunichi Toki (GROWTH, Altessimo) and Junya Enoki (S.E.M).

Original Colors” doesn’t have a scheduled date of release nor confirmation of a physical release, but is already featured as the theme song for the game’s second story chapter.

A short preview is now available on Voltage’s official youtube channel.


More details on this release are going to be unveiled in the upcoming weeks. Be on the look out for more updates from us.

SOURCE: Anidol colors official twitter account