7 Sweet Christmas songs by Male Seiyuu and 2D groups

Grab a blanket and a cup of hot of your favorite comfort beverage and listen to these cozy Christmas-themed songs by male seiyuu and 2D groups.

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Christmas is here and THTFHQ’s now traditional Christmas-themed feature + playlist is here.

Last year you and I came up with plenty of awesome Christmas songs to craft 2 list features and shape up a playlist. Some songs had melancholy at their core, others were romantic or had a cutesy twist.

If you want to revisit those do check “12 Heartwarming Christmas songs by male seiyuu” and “10 Christmas songs by male seiyuu as suggested by our readers“.

In this feature, I bring you cozy vibes, warm and jolly tunes. There may be some romance and melancholy at the core of some songs but mostly, these are songs put together to make you feel comfortable while sharing the good vibes of the season.

If you’re one to celebrate Christmas, I hope you have an awesome Christmas and that these songs and the playlist at the bottom of this article can put a smile on your face.

If you do not celebrate it but love good music regardless of it being “season-appropriate”, buckle up because this is going to be an interesting ride (also, do check the playlist as there are crazy good songs in there!).

Grab a blanket and a hot drink and let’s kick this feature off.

Here’s a list of “7 Sweet Christmas songs by Male Seiyuu and 2D groups“.

Lil Happy “Kiseki no Uta”

aoppella CD2

Kicking off this list feature is a song that more than being about Christmas, it is a song that fits the season really well.

This season is all about making people happy and, ultimately feeling happy. And if there is one thing Lil Happy is really good at is on putting a smile on the listeners’ faces.

And thus, Lil Happy’s music overflows with good vibes, a certain naivety and peppy at its core.

Lil Happy’s “Kiseki no Uta” shines with its harmonies, deep, reverberating bassline while channeling good vibes in a warm, sweet soundscape.

There is happiness seeping through their performance with the sweet harmonies, impressive canons, and tricky vibrato sections. Everything about this performance will make you smile and feel good.

Kashicomi “Arigato”

Kashicomi Dusk

With the Christmas season also comes the feelings of being thankful for someone or something, of wanting to give back. To make someone’s day.

Well, Kashicomi, seiyuu unit consisting of Shoya Chiba and Sho Nogami – sure managed to convey those feelings in the Christmas-inspired tune “Arigato”.

Bells play in the background as strings, brass, funky guitars, a punchy bassline, and bassy drums paint a Christmas-inspired soundscape.

At center stage are Shoya Chiba and Sho Nogami, with Chiba going for sweet vocals and a stylish performance while Nogami embraced a peppy style on top of his vibrato-filled mid-tones.

This results in one of the grooviest and gentlest Christmas songs I bring you in this feature.

MEZZO “Tears Over ~Kono Hoshi no Kimi to~”

Mezzo Intermezzo

MEZZO is commonly featured in THTFHQ’s Christmas features and that’s for a good reason: their music really suits this season (plus, their vocals are awesome but that’s a different conversation).

And this year I bring you the recently released “Tears Over ~Kono Hoshi no Kimi to~”.

Now, this is a song that, at first, may trick you into thinking that you’re going to get a full-on Christmas song with a somber tone, melancholic lyrics, and extremely emotional performances by Atsushi Abe and KENN.

Turns out there’s much more to this song and it gets intoxicatingly sweet past the verses. The song changes dynamics and introduces a gentle, mature jazz sound with a lot of groove at its core, taking this ballad to Holiday-appropriate territory.

The charm in the vocals, the elegance, and the sheer effortless allure in this song show that Christmas-themed songs don’t have to be jolly or dramatic ballads to be good.

There is a place for this sweet jazz-meets-R&B ballad and well… we all have the best seats in the house facing the stage in which KENN and Atsushi Abe go for a performance that will render you speechless.

FYA’M’ “Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow”

A note that I don’t make a habit of reviewing songs prior to their release (and don’t check previews) but this time around I had to, at least, bring one of the songs in “aoppella!? 3” (Set to be released in February 2022) because the talk in town is that these are legit, high-quality Christmas-themed songs. So yeah, I made an exception, and here is a pre-review of the song/entry in this feature.

FYA’M’ has been all about its alluring and mature vibe since their debut however, things changed dramatically for the Christmas-themed song “Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow”.

A good Christmas song has technical performances, at least, for me it does. I love to find booming vibrato, stunning head voice, and harmonies aplenty. You want a Christmas song to be memorable, well, this one is memorable.

The group ditched their alluring, mature vibe and embraced a sweet, slightly laidback vibe that ended up suiting both them and this season pretty well.

This is a song overflowing with good vibes. It is cozy, it’s almost as if the members are cuddling with you by the fireplace, singing this song, and having a jolly time while doing so.

There’s a sweetness in the performance courtesy of the warm baritone vocals of Takuya Sato – who absolutely rocks this performance – and the beauty and delicate twist of this season, almost like snow falling, of Toshiyuki Toyonaga and Wataru Urata’s vocals.

Then Yuki Ono, Daiki Hamano, and Shugo Nakamura give the finishing touches to this honeyed performance.

Was this song worth breaking my rule of not checking previews/reviewing music prior to release: yes, it was.

Miyu Irino “Still”

R&B takes center stage yet again – do you see the trend with songs fitting the Christmas season? – for Miyu Irino’s sweet tune “Still”.

This song is gentle and delicate in equal measures, bringing beautiful strings to the spotlight, a simple beat, melancholic acoustic guitar riffs, all while Miyu Irino lullabies you.

“Still” is almost like a blanket on your shoulders on a cold day. It is warm, comfortable, and reassuring. This is the kind of song that will put a smile on your face even if the lyrics are slightly sad.

Infinit0’s Roa Mizuki “Road to my honey!!”

Infinit0’s Roa Mikaze (CV: Mizuki Chiba) has a sweet entry for this feature.

Road to my honey!!”, song released in 2019 basks in the pure fun and unpredictability of jazz music, having a fast-paced on top of its Christmas-inspired instrumentalization – bringing bells and jolly piano melodies to the spotlight.

Everything about this song is made for this season.

The lyrics are playful and caring, the instrumental is pure fun while embracing a sound that you’ll instantly associate with Christmas, Mizuki Chiba’s performance is energetic and a bundle of fun at all times; the whole vibe about this song is cheerful and happiness takes over while you listen to it.

Growth “Hidamari ni Saku”

Wrapping up this feature is Growth’s “Hidamari ni Saku”.

Now, for those that are familiar with Growth, you’re aware this group is all about their fantasy-filled sound and lyrical performances however, from time to time, they break the habit and bring in something new and refreshing.

“Hidamari ni Saku” is such a song for them and it is a perfect entry for this feature.

The song opens up with quite the contrast between emotional, dark piano melodies with delicate accents and dramatic vocals on top. On a first approach, this song is far from being perfect for this season however, as you get closer to the chorus, you start to notice that change.

Timpani signal the start of this beautiful Christmas fantasy. It is grandiose, bringing a beautiful choir, legato strings while fully embracing timpani and thus, creating a soundscape you’ll want to lose yourself in.

The vocals progression in the chorus is reminiscent of the one in “Jingle Bells”, something that will easily make you want to sing along to it. It’s unusual to find this group being jolly instead of their epic selves but what they managed to deliver on both the vocal and composition ends will leave you both with a smile on your face and with goosebumps.

Here’s your magical, epic Christmas song, wrapping up this feature in style.

This was a short and sweet feature covering some of the songs that I’d love for you to check during this Christmas season.

I leave all of these in the Christmas playlist that was created last year and recently updated with yet more awesome songs.

You can find it below or if you want to check the playlist in detail, click THIS LINK.

And since this playlist is updated yearly, so I welcome you to follow it!

Christmas is a time for family, friends, and loved ones. It is a time to rest and bask in the sweet cold – and the warmth that comes along from snuggling on a blanket, drinking warm milk, or just sitting close by a fireplace.

For those in the Southern Hemisphere: it may be time to go to the beach, if you can, and enjoy summer.

Christmas is a time of togetherness. It is also a time in which we miss people and locations. This is a time in which memories come afloat.

As always, make sure to make the best of this season but remember, be responsible about it.

THTFHQ wishes you a Merry Christmas!

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