7 Songs to Make Your Heart Race Twofold on White Day

White Day is here and in the spirit of the season, it’s time to give back on the awesome music shared on Valentine’s, this time, with your suggestions.

On Valentine’s Day, 15 Songs by Male Seiyuu to make your Heart Race on Valentine’s Day was published. To this list feature – and its SEIYUU LOUNGE episode – many of you came to me with cool suggestions of songs that fit the season.

This list is made by you in reply to the original list which means, a White Day gift to THTFHQ – and I guess, to all other readers of the website.

Make sure to check the awesome suggestions by some of THTFHQ’s readers and feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments, as those can be featured on a list feature in the future.

Without further ado, let’s check your suggestions.

A note that these songs aren’t ranked.

Mezzo “Koi no Kakera”

MEZZO keep on appearing on the last couple of list features and that’s no coincidence.

The duo, part of the IDOLiSH7 franchise and counting with the vocals of Atsushi Abe and KENN, is known for their beautiful ballads and gentle performances.

Within their repertoire, the duo has “Koi no Kakera“, song released in 2016 that irradiates warmth and love from the very first notes on the piano.

Its pacing is contained, very much trailing a mid-tempo pop ballad tempo. At the same time, the song explores its lullabyish undertones while making sure the listener is enveloped in the sweet vocals by the duo.

One of the sweetest and most innocent songs with a romantic touch that could be recommended on White Day.

Conrad “Love Me Tender

Released in 2006, Kyo Kara Maou!’s character song CD for Conrad (CV: Toshiyuki Morikawa) brought a heavyweight in the romantic songs department “Love me tender“.

For those not familiar with the song, “Love me tender” originally performed by Elvis and released in 1957.

The song has a sweet yet manly approach to love, with the lyrics being as iconic as they are swoon worthy.

Add to it Toshiyuki Morikawa’s booming mid-to-low tones in this cover, and you get quite the impressive entry that will make you swoon yet again.

Mamoru Miyano “Identity”

Mamoru Miyano has quite the wide variety of ballads and R&B tunes with a touch of romance however, in his repertoire, there’s no song that rivals “Identity”.

Identity” is a pure declaration of love.

Mamoru mentioned, although I don’t recall if directly or not in an interview, that this song was a declaration of love for his wife. If you pay closer attention to the lyrics, that is a feeling you get.

Although many people may be mesmerized with the unique blend of contemporary pop music with traditional Japanese music in the both the song and the music video, what shines the most is the sweet, raw showcase of love in the lyrics.

Truly a song worth of being in this list.

Takaaki Mamiya “TRICK TRAP TRICK”

VAZZROCK Bi-color Amethyst Vol.1

As some of you may have noticed, the VAZZROCK franchise is filled with great tunes, exploring a wide variety of rock sub-genres and even straying away to electronica from time to time.

The VAZZROCK franchise is also not a stranger to romantic or slightly suggestive songs.

Takaaki Mamiya (CV: Tarusuke Shingaki) and Kira Ouka (CV: Yusuke Kobayashi)’s “TRICK TRAP TRICK” is one of the most playful songs while having a rather suggestive tone underneath.

Yearning for someone, recalling vividly, over and over those memories of a first encounter, feeling trapped in the gaze of their love, “TRICK TRAP TRICK” does an excellent job at making those feelings and experiences come alive.

Add to it the stellar performance by Shingaki and Kobayashi, duo that delivered outstanding harmonies and were, overall, on top of their breathy game, and you have not only a song that explores love and yearning but also a really nice tune to jam along to.

RUBIA Leopard “Chained to You”

RUBIA Leopard chained to you

Keeping up with the theme, RUBIA Leopard‘s “Chained to You” joins in this list feature.

The grunge rock band part of the DIG-ROCK franchise and fronted by Makoto Furukawa has never been shy about the themes tackled in their lyrics.

The band counts with plenty of songs with a rather suggestive tone, with “Chained to You” standing out the most for its groovy, slightly dangerous tone as Furukawa’s deep, vibrato-filled vocals glide over lyrics to melt you.

The lyrics embrace the themes of “desire” and “passion” pretty boldly, making this quite the exciting entry in this list.

Ryunnosuke Tsunashi “Risky na Kanojo

TRIGGER REGALITY Regular edition

Once again, the themes of “desire” and “passion” make their grand entrance.

Ryunnosuke Tsunashi (CV: Takuya Sato)’s the resident sexy guy in TRIGGER and as such, his solo track for 2017’s “REGALITY“, album that topped Oricon Weekly Albums chart (feat that had never before been pulled off), he went all out with a risqué song.

There is a certain allure in the punchy bassline and atmospheric synths but what stands out the most are the lyrics.

Innuendo-filled lyrics with quite some instances of boldness to them, “Risky na Kanojo” is a story of desire and passion for someone that is off-limits.

Takuya Sato’s low, sweet vocals trail the lyrics with a comfort and charisma that makes the distinction between character and singer blur.

When you come to your senses, you’re already enthralled by his performance and quite possibly blushing like crazy with those whispered lyrics.

Julious and Clavis “Tanjou

Originally released in 2006, “Tanjou” is a classic song from the golden days of reverse harem anime. It stems from the iconic Angelique franchise, pioneer in otome games as well as reverse harem anime.

This song was released as part of the character songs connected to the anime adaptation “Koi suru Tenshi Angelique”. Later, in 2015, the song was included in “Angelique Vocal Complete Box”, compilation CD featuring all songs in the Angelique franchise.

“Tanjou” is performed by 2 legends in the seiyuu industry – Show Hayami and Hideyuki Tanaka – and counts not only with sweet lyrics but also those booming, low tones by Hayami and the gentleness in Tanaka’s vocals that, together, create such an sweet performance.

A classic song that counts with a rich history behind it and a must listen if you’re into romantic songs with an old-school touch.

These were some of your picks in reply to THTFHQ’s 15 Songs by Male Seiyuu to make your Heart Race on Valentine’s Day.

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions!

Many of these suggestions unfortunately aren’t available on streaming platforms, still, I leave you with a playlist with a mix of romantic and sexy songs perfect for both Valentine’s and White Day.

Make sure to check it out in the Spotify playlist below.

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