2015’s Top 5 Seiyuu units – Editors’ Picks


Certainly this year was full of great releases, especially seiyuu units-wise. Lagrange Point, ELEKITER ROUND O, Marginal #4, Unicorn Jr., D.A.T, Trignal, between many others, had their tries to earn a spot on our top 5 seiyuu units in 2015.

Without a doubt this was a year full of Rejet‘s unit releases – with a lineup consisting of Lagrange Point, Marginal #4 and Unicorn Jr., all ranging between 2 to 3 releases per year, it’s impossible not to notice their presence this year. On the other side we find seiyuu units that barely promoted their releases or that promoted them and failed to get noticed: for this segment we have Yutaku II and the flopped unit Seki to Konishi.

Growing, experimenting, improving their image, doing a complete 360 to their sound, we saw everything this year.

Here at the THTF HQ lots of doubts rose just by thinking on who deserves to be featured in such a top especially when there were several good releases in 2015. Of course, if you’ve been following our reviews, you’ve got a slight idea of who’s going to make it to this short list. Are your bets right? Let’s see it!

#1 – Lagrange Point

lagrange point prisoner

The top unit from Rejet stays on their well deserved first place for two years in a row. And why is that? Well because they had a flawless year. Everything Toyonaga and Okawa sang this year was incredible – two singles and two special songs in their best of were enough to solidify their top place on this top. “愛、独裁-SAMURAI-” and “愛という言葉を憎む日々が永久に続いてもオレを赦してくれ” were massive singles that proved us how impressive and addictive romantic rock can sound.

#2 – Trignal


It’s obvious that Trignal really shone this year. Their single “MISSION” taken from their mini-album “One Step Forward” would, alone, win the best single award from us. Not only the unit showed incredibly growth as a whole but the members also displayed their individual charms in a unique way (who knew that Eguchi was a nice rapper or that Kimura had a bundle of sexiness inside of him?). Kimura, Eguchi and Yonaga gave life to a perfect mini-album, where flaws were nowhere to be found and presented their listeners with only good, addictive and engaging tunes. Trignal‘s best year and best release by far in their books.


destaque er0

The unit consisting of Satoshi Hino and Shinnosuke Tachibana layed all their cards on the table this year. Ranging from the electrifying hardrock displayed in “Re:Quiem” to the quiet, soothing and beautiful ballads in あの日の茜空の下で, we saw this versatile lyricist duo giving their all and although their most recent release was far from perfect, their powerful rock sound was enough to give them this 3rd place.

#4 – D.A.T


Released when there was no hype left, D.A.T‘s constantly delayed “Change The World” was game changing for the unit consisting of Daisuke Ono and Takayuki Kondo. Known for their danceable pop music and matching visuals, with daring and slick choreographies, D.A.T completely distanced themselves from that image and added something completely new. Gangster rap and rock seem to be odd choices for this unit but both genres fit them like a glove, proving the unit’s versatility and talent. Growing in a lightning bolt fashion, D.A.T are breaking all preconceived ideas about them.

#5 – Marginal #4


2015 was a nice year for what was, a few years back, the top seiyuu unit. Certainly Marginal #4 have been on a rather weird place with multiple and successive floppy releases ever since mid 2014. When Daisuke Iwasaki decided to add yet another unit into Rejet‘s lineup, MIKOTO‘s creations suffered and it was as clear as water that Marginal #4 were being neglected in favor of Lagrange Point and Unicorn Jr.‘s powerful releases. After almost one and a half years in a slump it was with “Yo-Ho!!” that the group finally showed a glimpse of how great they are. “Yo-Ho!!” not only restored part of the unit’s former self but it also restored our faith in them. Let’s just forget that “UFO” wasn’t released this year and almost everything will be ok.

Did your favorite units earn a place in our top? Who would you add? Tell us your thoughts.

With this top we finally complete this years’ work on THTF HQ. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone. See you in 2016!
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  1. On one hand I’m glad Lagrange Point made the top again, they really deserve it. I thought that especially their last single was very impressive and definitely earned them the first place.

    On another hand though, I’m sad that SOARA (Toyonaga Toshiyuki, Ono Yuuki, Furukawa Shin, Murata Taishi and Sawashiro Chiharu) didn’t make the list. 🙁 To me their 3 releases in 2015 delivered 12 amazing songs performed by 5 seiyuus that all convice with great individual singing performances which I sadly can’t say for every seiyuu unit. Sure, Toyonaga and Ono are the lead voices but the other 3 certainly don’t need to hide behind them! They’re all just really good singers and in my opinion there’s not one song that disappoints. They just make you happy and I’m always eagerly awaiting new releases.

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