15 Songs by Male Seiyuu to make your Heart Race on Valentine’s Day

15 Songs to make your heart race on Valentine’s Day

The seiyuu industry isn’t indifferent to romance and male seiyuu and 2D units have, throughout the years, released romantic songs that fit the season like a glove.

But there are some artists that have taken things a step further and heat up the day (or night) with their suggestive music, lyrics filled with innuendos, alluring performances or just go bolder and deliver an all-around sexy sonic experience for their fans to melt in.

While going over songs that fit this season, I concluded that I am, indeed, a sucker for songs with a risqué touch and quite a lot of the pop songs that actually have sparked my interest are in that wavelength.

In this list, I bring you a wide variety of songs that fit Valentine’s day.

You have your fair share of innocent romantic songs, sexy tunes, classy R&B tunes, those songs that you actually need to go over plenty of times to understand the lyrics (you’ll know who I am talking about when you read this article), as well as a couple of classic tracks and a lot of punchy basslines and Latin inspired songs.

Regardless of whether you have a significant other or not, these songs will be perfect to take you to an alluring, classy, and warm soundscape in which your fantasies can go wild.

You can listen to the video version of this list (missing the bonus entries added to this article) in the video below.

Once again, a Spotify playlist featuring these and more songs that fit the season can be found after this article.

Make sure to check it out, follow it if you enjoy the picks, and…. who knows if your next favorite song is there?

Some of the songs on it aren’t available natively (are my own purchases) however, as long as you have the same songs in your library, you’ll be ready to go. For those that can’t listen to some of the songs: the names and titles are there to help you out should you want to look for snippets on the web.

Feel free as well to leave your suggestions in the comments below!

I’ll make a list with your picks if we hit 10 suggestions (not all from the same person because I want to give the spotlight to different tastes from different readers).

Without further ado, let’s dive into the Valentine’s Day season.

A note that these songs aren’t ranked.

VAZZROCK “Sue-Kiss-Sue-Kiss”

VAZZROCK play of color series vol.4

VAZZROCK is a franchise in which rock is at center stage. Since its inception in 2018, the franchise has provided us with plenty of awesome songs – both group and solo entries – that explored different possibilities within the rock genre.

In some cases, dance music made its appearance and we got plenty of throwback songs.

But a sexy, old-school R&B song with risqué lyrics?

That was a first.

Sue-Kiss-Sue-Kiss is the perfect song to set the mood for this list, one that will be really focused on allure as opposed to romance.

This song counts with a punchy bassline that pulls you in. As you’re being pulled into this intimate soundscape, in which funky guitar riffs take you by hand to the main room, drums set a dangerous slow pacing to the song, whilst synths pound in the background, enhancing the bassline.

It sounds dangerous the closer you get to that room but, at the same time, the excitement is through the roof and you can barely contain yourself.

The curtains open and you’re met with Masahiro Yamanaka (VAZZY), Yukitoshi Kikuchi (ROCK DOWN’s leader), Takuya Sato (ROCK DOWN) on the vocals, at center stage, one hand on the mic, the other in the mic stand, eyes on you from the moment you’ve entered the room.

Setting aside, I’m not kidding when I say that this song is pretty flirtatious and creates a rather intimate vibe.

You’ll feel it in its confident R&B instrumental and you’ll most certainly get that vibe from the charismatic and racy performance delivered by the trio.

I may add that I absolutely love Yamanaka’s vocals – highly underappreciated – and, in this song, he goes the extra mile to make sure you’re enthralled (that is if Takuya Sato’s deep, deliberately enticing vocals didn’t get to you first).

His vibrato is pleasing to the ears, not exaggerated, and certainly as natural as you can get. He’s got a lot of control over his vocals and conducts himself pretty well through the performance. Next thing you know, you’re all over his vocals.

But don’t disregard Kikuchi – that adds quite the unique, delicate touch to the song – and, of course, Takuya Sato.

Sato is one of the best and most complete singers in the VAZZROCK franchise however, he’s had few opportunities to showcase his quality and most of Reiji Amaha’s (the character he voices in ROCK DOWN) songs were a bit of a downer in quality and vocal direction.

However, for this song, everything was perfect, and what happened? Sato is downright mesmerizing in his performance, shining as the center for this trio, making sure to make your jaw drop in awe. Yes, he can – and will – be that alluring if necessary.

Sue-Kiss-Sue-Kiss is THE SEXY SONG in this list.

Anthos* “Silent Message”

Anthos message

Anthos* isn’t known for having a gentle side much less a romantic side but in 2020, the talented group part of the Hana-Doll* franchise went the extra mile and delivered quite the song befitting of this season.

Silent Message” brings space disco and tropical house to the spotlight but mellows both and adds a Latin touch to it through piano melodies and the beat, creating one of the most unique tunes I’ve heard from a 2D idol group.

The lyrics aren’t necessarily racy or sexy but there’s a certain mystery and romance to those that you’ll notice right away.

The song doesn’t shy away from having a seductive layer that enthralls the listener and the performances only managed to take it one step further.

If you’re looking for a song with a certain romance to it and incredibly aesthetical and pleasing to the ears, Anthos*’ “Silent Message” is the thing for you.

UMake “Double Rainbow”

UMake double rainbow regular

UMake has a repertoire filled with sweet, gentle, and easy-listening songs. And, in the past couple of years, they have been adding quite their fair share of romantic songs to their repertoire.

Double Rainbow” stands out to me as their best take on a romantic song.

The instrumental takes us to a unique late summer soundscape exuding quite the romantic vibe.

If there is one thing I love about this song is that this is citypop reinvented, given a modern touch to make it more accessible to younger fans that may be not aware of the music genre.

Citypop was quite known for being a nostalgic and romantic pop music sub-genre and it still lives up to its name.

The love of the protagonist for you paints their life in ways that they couldn’t imagine and, as a result, the color palette for this song is incredibly gentle and warm, with the performance by Kento Ito and Yoshiki Nakajima reflecting that.

Sweet and cozy, this is UMake’s approach to a romantic song in “Double Rainbow”.

THRIVE “Wrap Wrap”

THRIVE Wrap Wrap

THRIVE is no stranger to tackling risqué songs. In simple terms, their whole deal is about being a sexy idol group so I could virtually pick any song of theirs and it would fit this list.

I was initially going to pick Kento Aizome’s “LOVE GAME” but then, late in December 2020, I reviewed THRIVE’s “Wrap Wrap” and I fell in love with its title track.

Wrap Wrap” isn’t shy about being sexy with its brass, Latin-inspired percussion, and acoustic guitars but does so in such a classy way that made my jaw drop in awe.

Let’s all agree on this: THRIVE isn’t the most subtle unit out there. That is a big part of their appeal, being different from other idol groups in the 2D music industry.

However, for this single, the trio upped their game and went the whole classy, romantic route and it worked so well for them.

Wrap Wrap” is the kind of song that takes you to a lively party soundscape.

You work the room, slowly taking in the vibes, ordering a drink, and chit-chatting with a couple of friends. However, as you turn around, there they are.

An individual with an aura that immediately attracted you. You can’t take your eyes off, it’s hypnotic. Your mind gets wrapped around that mysterious individual. You want to know more, but, perhaps, you’re not confident enough.

That’s when they make their entrance, instead coming for you.

This is the whole vibe in “Wrap Wrap”. A classy take on a sexy song.

Tamaki, Sogo, Ryunosuke “LOVE&GAME”

While I was going over the concept of a Valentine’s Day-themed song list, this was the song that first came to my mind.

IDOLiSH7 has, within its franchise, its own idol group in charge of the sexy vibe – TRIGGER – but in 2016, fans were surprised when they got to listen to Tamaki, Sogo, Ryunosuke’s “LOVE&GAME”.

“LOVE&GAME” doesn’t shy away from being openly dangerous and counts with suggestive lyrics on top of that fast-paced, elegant mix of disco, funk, and R&B.

This is quite the funky song, never missing a beat and with a massive bassline that – in the right pair of headphones – will make you melt. The Latin-inspired percussion, the classy brass, and the Rhodes piano all take you to an intimate soundscape.

There you have an encounter with an individual that is as bold about their attraction to you as their presence is magnetic.

When I think about bold, risqué songs that present themselves in quite the classy way, “LOVE&GAME” comes as one of my first picks.

Rumor has it that many IDOLiSH7 fans can’t get the live performance choreography out of their heads.

Mamoru Miyano “Never Friends

Mamoru Miyano ENCORE

Miyano hasn’t been shy about his mature image and sound. In the past couple of years, he’s added songs that venture towards suggestive territory.

Never Friends” fully embraced R&B and delivered an old-school take on a romantic song with a touch of allure to it.

The song counts with a dreamy, ethereal vibe, much due to the sweet atmospheric synths in the background and its bouncy yet contained tropical-inspired beat.

Never Friends” is exactly the type of song that makes the whole “what if” romantic concept take a confident step to the spotlight.

This is a song that plays around with your hopes, dreams, the fantasies, all playing a role in fleshing out the sweet, romantic – innuendo-filled – lyrics.

Mamoru Miyano’s vocals have evolved to a point in which he completely dominates the stage when performing R&B, almost like it is second nature to him.

Easy-listening and straight to the point, Mamoru Miyano’s “Never Friends” is a must in any Valentine’s Day-themed playlist.

CELL DIVISION “One Night Stand -愛体-

This one is a classic (released in 2007), one of the very first songs I’ve listened to by a seiyuu unit. There are no copies of this CD in circulation in the world – so this is quite an obscure entry.

CELL DIVISION, duo comprised of Wataru Hatano and Tatsuhisa Suzuki released 2 singles in their 1 year as a unit.

Out of both, “One Night Stand” takes the crown as their best song as well as one of my all-time favorite romantic songs performed by seiyuu.

As soon as the song starts playing, you’ll notice what we’re all in for (also, you’ll notice that this is quite the dated song, nonetheless, an awesome one).

Acoustic guitars create a rather melancholic vibe. In the background, a simple beat + bassline combo paints the soundscape in a rather romantic and intimate fashion.

The R&B vibes are strong and the lyrics capitalize on them to further enhance the emotion and closeness in this song.

On the vocals, you have what I consider to be a god-given duo with massive versatility and quality ready to bless everyone’s ears: Wataru Hatano and Tatsuhisa Suzuki.

Their chemistry is noticeable in this song and their vocals complement each other. Their vocals glide through the verses with comfort and familiarity, something that led to a natural performance that still holds itself pretty well, 14 years since its release.

A gem of a romantic song among all-male seiyuu songs released to date – also, I reckon, the first song by male seiyuu to feature rap verses and beatbox (performed by Tatsuhisa Suzuki).

apple-polisher “HOLDING OUT

apple-polisher BACK 2 SQUARE 1

apple-polisher is no stranger to dishing out suggestive performances on top of their insanely punchy basslines, R&B melodies, and loungy electronica.

The band part of the DYNAMIC CHORD franchise and fronted by Shouta Aoi have plenty of hypnotizing, suggestive songs.

If you’re alone tonight, need someone to hold you tight, you can be mine tonight” is far from being an innocent line, but is one that perfectly sets the alluring, mesmerizing tone of “HOLDING OUT”, song released in 2017.

The song conducts itself in quite the elegant, tasteful way, with the bass being quite the intense presence, one that helps flesh out the allure but it’s Shouta Aoi’s vocals that fully realize it and take the song a step further.

I am particularly fond of the loungy club vibe, something that, by having the bass mixed pretty close to the listener helps to make it believable. Then, in the far back, are the electronic drums making sure the allure is cranked up to the maximum as the synths envelop you.

However, as you listen to this song, you’ll notice that the soundscape is quite empty. The fact that you can feel that empty void, the room all to yourselves – the protagonist in the lyrics and their intended “target” – makes the song sound all the more intimate and intense.

I quite enjoy this about apple-polisher’s songs. Their sound is often on the loungy side but they tackle risqué, innuendo-filled lyrics with a lot of class. On top of that is the fact that their songs are quite close to the listener which helps to make a connection, making sure the song will never leave your head.

If you’re like me, this song never left my head. One of my all-time favorite songs by a 2D group.


This list is filled with groups that are – within their franchises – considered to be “sexy”. As I went over the songs for this list, I remember that yes, TRIGGER does have their fair share of risqué songs.

If there’s a song that everyone that is a fan of the IDOLiSH7 franchise knows the lyrics by heart, it’s “SECRET NIGHT”.

This is a song with an openly “sexy” vibe and yes – it’s the very first song fans got to listen to by the group – and it absolutely wrecks any dancefloor as soon as it starts playing.

Its intense, pounding bassline, the alluring yet minimalistic piano melody, and the dirty synths do an awesome job at making this song exude a tempting vibe that you can’t get tired of. 

Then, you have those powerful and deliberately intense vocals by Soma Saito (as center), Wataru Hatano, and Takuya Sato.

They aren’t shy about giving off a captivating performance. They do have the talent and the vocals for that, after all, they are among the best and most complete lineups for a 2D idol group.

The lyrics speak for themselves – in this list, there are quite a lot of innuendo-filled songs, out of those, TRIGGER’s “SECRET NIGHT” may be the boldest of them all.

This one is a must for any Valentine’s Day-themed list.

SolidS “Midnight Mystery

SolidS is, much like THRIVE, a group that thrives on their sexy, risqué image and sound. Their entire repertoire is filled with songs about women and alcohol and their lyrics are not shy of being pretty bold about what ensues.

However, there are also times in which the group tones things down and plays it cool and seductive in a mature, elegant way.

Midnight Mystery” is one of those cases.

The instrumental is dreamy, with atmospheric synths slowly and quietly painting the ethereal soundscape you’re in. Then, a bouncy bassline sets the tone, cranking up the allure levels for this song.

A simple, tasteful beat and loungy guitar riffs add the last touches to this intoxicating soundscape.

At center stage, SolidS deliver an innuendo-filled performance with a touch of romance on top.

There’s a focus on the performance being on a lower key and with a lot of breathy, whispery parts and those do the job at enhancing the loungy, relaxing, and, at the same time, effortlessly sexy vibe of this song.

This song may have been released in 2015 when SolidS made their debut – and were still pretty inconsistent – but it still stands as the most elegant and refreshing take on their whole sexy vibe.

Also, a perfect song to set the mood, especially if you resort to the instrumental piece (a banger of a bass-centric track, I must tell you).

Ranmaru & Ai “Haruhana”

Spanish acoustic guitars, brass, strings, and a Cajon set the tone for this romantic song. ハルハナ (Haru Hana) is the definition of a tasteful romantic song for me.

Years may pass but this song still stands tall as one of the best ones in QUARTET NIGHT’s repertoire.

There’s something incredibly elegant about the way that the instrumental flows. Although it is something that is overdone in 2D music – embracing Latin music to “instantly” categorize a song as “sexy” or “romantic” -, it was done in such a tasteful way in “Haru Hana” that I can’t stop but praising this song.

There is a bit of influence of Salsa and Jazz in this song and the fact that the focus is on the acoustic, classy sound, only makes those stand out more.

The instrumental is danceable and elegant, creating a soundscape from which you don’t want to run away. There’s a gentleness that will catch your attention in those lyrics and then you have those vocals.

Tatsuhisa Suzuki’s raspy vocals and Shouta Aoi’s angelic higher-toned vocals create a beautiful harmony, painting this sweet soundscape with a lot of emotion.

The resident romantic song in this list.

Takuya Sato “千夜一恋 ~senya-ichiren~

Takuya sato monologue

Takuya Sato’s solo career has gone under the radar for many but there are plenty of great songs in his repertoire.

One such song is 千夜一恋 ~senya-ichiren~ (Senya Ichiko~Senya ichiren~), song with a prominent romantic vibe yet a pretty dramatic story unfolding.

You can expect middle eastern percussion mixed with a Spanish touch in the acoustic guitars, and a dreamy sitar melody leading the way. Gently and emotionally, Sato is painting an emotional and alluring soundscape, tackling those vocals with quite the confidence and charisma.

If there is one thing that I’d love for more people to realize is just how resourceful and consistent Takuya Sato is as a singer.

His solo career is pretty much in the down-low, with his last CD release dating back to 2018 and complete radio silence from Frontier Works about his solo career.

But Takuya Sato’s vocals, his technique, his emotions, those are off the charts, not to mention that Sato is effortlessly seductive in his performances.

His natural baritone vocal tone has a lot of warmth to it, something that his vibrato further complements. On top of that, you can feel the longing in the lyrics from the way in which he approached his performance.

This is quite a beautiful song, drawing clear inspiration from “One Thousand and One Nights” yet going for a romantic twist.   

Massively underrated, yet such a great song and also, a perfect fit for this list.

Soma Saito “Tonight”

Soma Saito my blue vacation regular cover

Although for many of you the words “Soma Saito” and “romantic” don’t make sense in the same phrase, turns out that Saito has some suggestive, innuendo-filled songs in his repertoire that may hint at a romantic side.

Note: Saito still claims that he sucks at writing romantic songs so you’ll have to wait a bit until he crafts one, if ever. As we’ve all noticed so far, especially with the release of “my beautiful valentine” is that if you want a sexy dark song, he does accomplish those fairly easily. Romantic songs? He has yet to release one.

“Rutsubo”, “Tonight”, “Ringo” and “Vampire Weekend” fit the bill of songs that are not necessarily romantic but tread sexy, highly suggestive territory, masking or, at times, being pretty bold about their darkness/melancholy.

Are dark sexy songs a thing?

Regardless, as I went over his songs, I tried to pick the easiest one to understand and enjoy of them all. After all, not many of you reading this are fans or familiar with Saito’s work as a solo artist, and those complex songs – with lyrics that require you to be knowledgeable about literature and psychology (at times) – are not going to be a good entry point, especially if all you want is an easy listening song.

“Vampire Weekend” fit the bill but then I remembered, you guys already read and heard (those that have checked the episodes of SEIYUU LOUNGE podcast) me basking on this song time and time again.

It’s a genuinely good loungy song with a bold sexy vibe and risqué lyrics, if you can, please check it out. You’ll find this song as well in the extended playlist I leave for you at the bottom of this article.

To avoid repeating myself, I picked another favorite of mine, quite more subtle than the latter, I must say.

Tonight” was released in 2019, included in “my blue vacation”, an EP which I have a lot of reservations about, as it started with quite a lot of hiccups and only in its second half picked up the pace and high-quality music makes its appearance.

But I leave that for the review I wrote back then.

Now, back to this song.

In “Tonight” the lyrics’ protagonist goes over a series of events in slow motion. This is a nostalgic recall of a night to remember that the protagonist experienced with someone dear to them.

It may have been a romantic late-night drive, a walk, just enjoying each other’s company talking about nothing, it could have been more.

There’s a whole elegant approach to the melancholic yet suggestive lyrics, in the background the instrumental slowly and smoothly goes over wah-wah guitar riffs, an alluring Rhodes piano melody, a romantic bassline, and that unique sitar melody at center stage giving the song a dreamy layer.

On top of that, Soma Saito gently and seductively tackles the vocals, putting you at ease in this melancholic late-night gazing at the skyline.

He’s as much the storyteller as he’s the protagonist of those lyrics, guiding you through the events and, in a way, making a strong connection with you.

As far as subtle, suggestive songs go, Soma Saito nailed it in “Tonight”.

Tetsuya Kakihara “Last Lady”

Tetsuya Kakihara I for U regular

Tetsuya Kakihara has been, since 2016, releasing music with a mature sound, be it more serious or, in this case, exploring suggestive territory.

It was difficult to pick for me between “Last Lady” and “Don’t Doubt!” but that Rhodes piano, enticing bassline, and funky guitar riffs in “Last Lady” made the song earn a well-deserved spot on this list.

Where to start on this one?

If you’re familiar with Kakihara’s singing style, you’ll know that he’s the kind of singer that has embraced the half-air, half-sound singing technique.

To put it simply, he’s a breathy type of singer with a lot of falsetto going and a bit of a nasal touch on top.

Because of that, he’s an uncommon singer among male seiyuu – that usually have or aim for clearer vocals – but it works incredibly well with his smooth mid-tones and lower register, making him a gem of a singer when in his element (basically most of his repertoire as a solo artist since 2016).

If there is one trick that singers usually use to make their performances sound alluring is using a breathy or whispery tone. It confers the performance with a layer of mystery and gives the song a seductive touch.

Kakihara doesn’t need that as sounding breathy is his default setting as a singer.

Last Lady” is classy in its approach to a mature, sexier theme/concept. The Rhodes piano intro, slow, pounding bassline, and those loungy guitar riffs tell you to take your time, relax and enjoy the performance.

This is the kind of song in which the singer is at center stage and nothing else matters to you, the listener. It is hypnotizing and filled with flair.

When this song wraps up, you know for sure that you want more. More of Kakihara’s vocals. More of “Last Lady”. More of that fantasy-filled soundscape.

Yuma Uchida “KISS & HUG”

yuma uchida rainbow cover

If you’re looking for a sweet, innocent romantic song, Yuma Uchida has the right thing for you.

Although KISS & HUG is the cliché cutesy romantic fan song that is a must in the repertoire of pop artists, there’s more to this song.

KISS & HUG brings the funk and disco to the spotlight for this warm song that approaches the attraction between the lyrics’ protagonist and his significant other in such a cute and heartwarming way.

Out of all songs in this list, KISS & HUG is the kind of song that, not only has a feel-good vibe but it also puts an instant smile on your face.

The sweetness overflows from Yuma Uchida’s honeyed tenor vocals, the instrumental also brings good, warm vibes into the mix, creating a gentle soundscape that gives off that feeling of “being loved” by someone else.

As far as sweet, romantic songs go, Yuma Uchida got himself a pretty awesome entry with KISS & HUG.

BONUS 1: Judah “Saiai”

judah evolve

Now, most of you may be thinking: why is a Judah song on this list? He’s the last character in the Dear Vocalist franchise that I’d call romantic or having romantic music in his repertoire!

Well, turns out that Judah (voiced by Soma Saito) has grown quite a lot over the 5 drama CDs that were released and he’s got his own romantic rock tune as well.

His story arc keeps on progressing and Judah has managed to find a way to express his love for the main character (you, the listener) in a slightly more direct way than before.

He’s also mellowed out a lot since his first drama CD even if he’s still the genius singer-songwriter that is constantly getting frustrated at disturbances and music compositions that don’t suit the band’s image and sound.

Saiai” is a confession song.

This song walks a pretty thin line between romantic emo-rock tune and rock ballad. It never fleshes out to be a full-on ballad song but it is quite the emotional track in which the protagonist pours his heart to you, clearing all misunderstandings, setting things clear.

The lyrics and the performance by Soma Saito – who reported that cried while recording this song – are exactly what make this song earn a spot on this list. But that bridge! That bridge will render you to tears. Dramatic and filled with love, the bridge of “Saiai” is one of the best I’ve heard in 2D music. And that outro? A thing of the heavens.

Bonus 2: UNDEAD “Valentine Eve’s Nightmare”


If you’re the type of person that isn’t too fond of Valentine’s Day and would love a twisted approach to it, UNDEAD sure has the thing for you.

Valentine Eve’s Nightmare” is not your typical Valentine’s Day song, as it sounds nothing like what you’d expect of one yet, at its core, the allure and the danger are there in the lyrics.

If the suggestive lyrics weren’t enough, the song dons quite a lot of elegance, with jazz and rock creating the perfect background to the story unfolding.

Additionally, it’s Toshiki Masuda on the vocals, performing this song with an intensity and flair that will make your jaw drop.

Bonus 3 – Ren Jinguji “Orange Rhapsody”

If you want to make things really sound sexy yet with a pinch of elegance on top, Ren Jinguji‘s “Orange Rhapsody” will be a nice pick.

Ren Jinguji (CV: Junichi Suwabe) is a member of STARISH that is best known for being the resident flirt that plays the saxophone. His solo songs are usually on an intense, suggestive vibe thus, a perfect fit for this list.

Orange Rhapsody” kicks off in acappella fashion, with Junichi Suwabe putting all his aces on the table for that part, cranking up the heat for the jazz-pop that awaits you.

The elegance of the saxophone is put in the spotlight, aided by a groovy, punchy slap bass line that creates a dreamy, playful, and classy soundscape for you to lose yourself in. And that saxophone solo? Pure bliss.

This is quite the flirtatious song, worthy of a spot on this list.

Bonus 4 – X.I.P “E→motion”

Before TRIGGER, Thrive, SolidS and many other 2D groups were exuding a sexy vibe there was X.I.P (Kousuke Toriumi, Satoshi Hino, and Takuya Eguchi) already showing their cards since 2013, with the group embracing a sexy bad boy concept mixing rock with pop that, to this day, is still a fan favorite.

Forget innuendo-filled lyrics. “E→motion” is bold in its intentions with the whole title being a wordplay with “ero” (erotic) and “emotion” and the lyrics more than delivering a series of suggestive things that will make most people blush.

The sound is as edgy as possible to convey the whole bad boy vibe, counting with straightforward verses and an explosive chorus.

The center for this song is none other than X.I.P’s resident wild guy, Kento (CV: Satoshi Hino). Boasting quite the power while having a good technique, this performance had everything to go well.

As far as songs to make your heart race go, X.I.P’s “E→motion” won’t fail you.

Bonus 5 – Soma Saito “Zakuro”


What if you were to let yourself be consumed by lust, pleasure? And what if those emotions were countered by a seemingly creepy-meets-sexy performance by Soma Saito?

Well, as you may have noticed in this feature, I’ve already included one entry by the talented singer-songwriter however, in February 2022 he released a whole EP with romance as its main topic (albeit a surrealistic take on romance), and thus, there were plenty of songs eligible for this feature.

Zakuro” however takes the cake as both a creepy song with a dreamy vibe in which lust and pleasure are obvious but also in which madness is apparent.

A multilayered song on the vocal end – at least 6 layers between lead and pitch vocals performed in different keys – mixing whispery-style of singing with falsetto, this is a fantastic effort by Soma Saito that seems like he’s mastered the art of creating dark sexy songs, now delivering one with each CD he releases.

This is the type of song that is intoxicating, that you’ll want to dive into and honestly not come back from.

And Soma Saito makes sure you don’t want anyone else other than him during this 4-minute pure showcase of charisma and sex appeal.

Bonus 5 – Shugo Nakamura “Chocolate”

Up until the release of his 1st album “NATURAL“, Shugo Nakamura did not have any songs that would qualify for a list feature like this one.

Chocolate” however arrived as a pleasant, loungy surprise that puts romance at center stage.

“Chocolate” is the type of song that will transport you to an elegant soundscape. It has that classy touch of jazz, the playfulness of funk, and the technicality and emotion of blues in it and, allied to the way the song was mixed, putting you in the middle of the action, this song is even more impressive.

It feels cozy, is stylish, and sounds alluring at all times. This is the type of song I was not expecting by Shugo Nakamura but he absolutely nails this performance, with plenty of falsetto and smooth mid-tones making sure your heart skips a beat.

These were just some of my picks to help you get in a Valentine’s Day mood. My focus with this list was on having an alluring vibe going that’s why you don’t have any ballads or the sort.

However, I have a couple of more entries listed in the playlist below so make sure to listen to those and, if not available, search the names of those songs and listen to previews of those.

This playlist is updated as of 2022, including new songs as well as adding the – now available – versions of the songs already on the playlist. Do click on the playlist below for more than what is just listed below.

These were my picks to make your heart race or be a soundtrack to Valentine’s Day. If you’re a writer, this can also be an interesting list with songs that can help you set a mood for a scene.

The possibilities are endless with this list.

As always, thanks for reading this article until the end!

Make sure to check out the episode of SEIYUU LOUNGE in which I went over some of these picks.

Got any suggestions of songs that fit well with Valentine’s Day?

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  1. I love this concept and since I saw a lot of songs I already like on this list I decided to check all of them out!

    I see this was actually from last year, but only came across it this year. I’d like to add suggestions if you’re still accepting them!

    I’m not sure if they all fit the concept perfectly, since I’m not fluent in Japanese, but I tried to stick to the same kind of feeling.

    From Tsukiuta:
    El Sol Florecer
    (You) Tetsuya Kakihara

    紫月夜 (shigetsuya)
    (Hajime) Kousuke Toriumi

    Maou (KIKUO MIX Ver.)
    (Shun) Ryohei Kimura

    From VazzRock:
    (Reiji) Takuya Sato

    iN Your Eyes
    (Izaya) Wataru Hatano

    From Dance with Devils
    Kimi wa Estrella
    (Urie) Takashi Kondo

    Feromen – 懺悔室 (Sangeshitsu)
    Feromen – 抱きよせてTONIGHT (Dakiyosete Tonight)

    じれったい Jirettai (Anzen Chitai cover)
    Junichi Suwabe

    And something just purely fluffy and sweet:
    Mamoru Miyano – Marshmallow Love

    • Oh! Now that’s a good haul of songs to add to this playlist (I’m particularly fond of Wataru Hatano (as Izaya)’s “iN Your Eyes”, the whole dummyhead mic recording made the song even more intense)!
      Consider those suggestions added – certainly will pick up some of these for next year’s edition of this feature! 😀

      It’s unfortunate though that all these songs – aside Mamo’s “Marshmallow Love” – are not available on streaming platforms.

      Thanks for the suggestions, @thepixelkitty!

      • I’m so glad you liked my suggestions!

        Agreed, that’s my favorite song from the whole THANATOS NiGHT series!
        I’m sure you know already, but 懺悔室 from Feromen has a dummy head version as well (I’m pretty sure I first learned about it from your blog! )

        Oh no, I didn’t think about if they were available for streaming. Hopefully more of them will be available by next year!

        I look forward to reading next year’s edition

        • The THANATHOS NiGHT drama CD series was wacky as hell (good music though, I actually enjoyed most of the songs).

          It takes me back (when this website was actually a blog LOL).
          Feromen – I miss them – did play around with the dummy head for some of their songs and it was glorious!

          Yeah, it’s a pity right now that most of the songs I want to cover in more depth (even suggestions such as yours) are not available for others to check for free.
          One thing is to describe the songs to everyone, the other is for everyone to actually listening and understanding what those songs are about and my words serving just as a complement.

          Hopefully, those will be available soon on streaming platforms!

          Please do!

  2. As always, thanks for the list! Found some songs to add to in my collection!

    Here’s a few songs that I would add:
    Ryotaro Okiayu – Bella Notte from “Disney Koe no Oujisama vol. 2”.
    Disney classic romantic ballad, sang by Okiayuy’s deep voice.

    Juurouta Kosugi – Sayonara no Hanataba. Lantis’ character song from Magic Knight Rayearth. Powerful ballad by one of the deepest seiyuu voices.

    KENN – Yozora no Nairu. Sora Hasekura’s character song from Kiniro no Corda series. I personally think it’s one of the KENN best songs. Which is saying something.

    Shunsuke Takeuchi – Sweet Lesson. Takumi Sunaga’s character song from Kiniro no Corda series. Also, if I’m not mistaken, it’s Shunsuke Takeuchi’s first song.

    Sho Hayami and Hideyuki Tanaka – Tanjou. Julious and Clavis’ character song from Angelique series. Great song all around from the people that were there at beginning of otome games genre. Hayami was there from the very first Angelique game, that was the very first otome game, while Tanaka joined a few years later, after Kaneto Shiozawa’s passing. But he made Clavis’ his own character since that.

    Takeshi Kusao and Miyu Irino – Time Machine. Duet by Coco and Nuts from Yes! Precure 5.

    Kenji Nojima – Eien Dake ga Futari o Kakeru. One of the Sailor Moon Crystal ending’s and Tuxedo Mask’s character song. While in the show itself this song was completely overshadowed by Junko Minagawa and Sayaka Ohara’s “Eternal Eternity”, it’s still a pretty damn great song.

      • You’re welcome XD Oh, and while we’re at it, there’s a few interesting songs that I forgot to name in the first time:
        Toshiyuki Morikawa Love Me Tender. Toshiyuki Morikawa’s cover of Elvis’ song. From Kyou Kara Maou anime series.

        Taiki Matsuno – Kimi Shika Inai yo. From one of the Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo Albums.

        Hideo Ishikawa – Core ‘ngrato. From Kiniro no Corda series. To be honest, I was not sure if I even should include this one, since it’s more sad than romantic, but, since it’s still love-related, I guess it more or less fits the overall theme.

        Tohru Furuya – Toki wo Koete. I suppose if I included Kenji Nojima’s song from Sailor Moon, it’s only fair if I also list a Tohru Furuya’s song from it as well.

        And to end on something more unexpected…
        Tetsu Inada – Hikari no Rock. One of the Bleach Concept Covers. Because why won’t want to hear Tetsu Inada to scream “BABY BABY I LOVE YOU!” from the top of his lungs?

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