[13th Seiyuu Awards] Voting open for “Most Valuable Seiyuu”

Seiyuu Awards officially opened the voting for their new category “Most Valuable Seiyu“. Get to know how to vote with our walkthrough guide.

It’s that time of the year. However, there are some changes to this year’s voting. Fans can no longer vote for the main categories (to which their votes ended up not counting for the final results). This time around a specialized committee will be in charge of voting for the 15 categories eligible this year.

Instead, there’s a new category quite similar to the well known “Most popular seiyuu” award available for voting at this year’s edition, and for this one, all fans can participate.

MVS or Most Valuable Seiyu is one of the various new categories included in the prestigious Seiyu Awards. According to the information provided on the official website, it is asked of fans to vote on the seiyuu they think has been the most active (anime, variety, radio, games, drama CDs, music, etc) in the past year (December 2017 up until September 2018). This category will be solely determined through fan voting so vote away and spread the word about it with fellow seiyuu fans.

  • The voting is open from August 1st to September 30th
  • You can vote only once per platform
  • You can nominate either a male or female seiyuu for this award

Voting can be made through Seiyu Award’s website:

1st step
2nd Step

Voting is done on THIS WEBSITE.

KADOKAWA’s website:

1st step
2nd Step
3rd step: Remember to check all information
You’ve voted successfully!

Voting is done on THIS WEBSITE. If you get a error message please try the following:

  • Visit Newtype’s official website and scroll until you find a green outlined box. Click on the link that says「KADOKAWA」投票ページ. It will redirect you to the voting page.


Although this seems like the quickest and simplest voting method, truth is, it’s the most complicated, especially to those that aren’t familiar with writing names in Katakana. To vote for your favorite seiyuu, you have to TWEET exactly in the following order:

  • The seiyuu name written in KANJI
  • The seiyuu name written in KATAKANA
  • Put the hashtags #声優アワード #MVS #0309

Example: 声優太郎 セイユウタロウ #声優アワード #MVS #0309

Voting through Dwango is only available in Japan so we won’t delve into it.

Results are going to be announced on March 9, 2019. The live ceremony is going to be held on the same day.

SOURCE: Seiyuu Awards official website

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