[13th Seiyuu Awards] Current standings in the “Most Valuable Seiyuu” category unveiled

Seiyuu Awards unveiled today the current standings in the “Most Valuable Seiyu” category. Voting closes on September 30th.

Today, Seiyuu Awards, official award ceremony that takes place yearly to award seiyuu in the most varied categories, announced the current standings in the voting for the “Most Valuable Seiyu” category.

Note that these are current standings, final results will be unveiled at a later date and might end up being different.

Here’s the current standings:

1 - Hiroshi Kamiya
2 - Mamoru Miyano
3 - Tomoaki Maeno
4 - Yoshimasa Hosoya
5 - Daisuke Ono
6 - Makoto Furukawa
7 - Yuto Uemura
8 - Kaji Yuki
9 - Tatsuhisa Suzuki 
10 - Takuya Eguchi

This year’s edition will count with 15 categories and overseas and domestic fans will get to, without interference from a judge panel, determine who the MVS or Most Valuable Seiyu is. Voting is open for this category until September 30th. Check this article on how to vote for this category.

SOURCE: Seiyuu Awards official website