13 Late Summer Tunes by Seiyuu Artists and 2D Groups

13 Late Summer Tracks by Seiyuu Artists

Ride off into the sunset as you enjoy the mellow late summer vibes in this list + playlist featuring your favorite male seiyuu artists.

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Just like that, summer 2021 is almost over.

3 months went by in a flash.

A lot of good memories, new encounters, a lot of catching up, and a whole load of good vibes marked it – at least I hope so for you – and now, it’s time to get a bit nostalgic about it. Sit at the wheel and drive off into the sunset while bidding goodbye to this season.

And with that in mind, I bring you a couple of absolutely essential tracks that capture that nostalgia of the late summer.

This is a playlist made for those that want to remember fondly the summer season and indulge in its good vibes and laidback music performed by male seiyuu artists and 2D groups.

You can shuffle the songs around if you want to.

However, the best way to enjoy this playlist is to listen to it in the intended order, I curated this list feature (and thus the playlist) in a way that, when it wraps up, Summer of 2021 bids goodbye in a nostalgic way.

This is also the 2nd part of the 12 Refreshing Summer Tunes by Seiyuu Artists list feature that dropped earlier this summer.

A Spotify playlist featuring the songs on this list – at least the ones available on the platform – is provided below. Also, a compilation playlist is provided at the bottom of this article.

Without further ado, let’s kick off this list feature.

A note that these songs aren’t ranked.

Shugo Nakamura “Here comes The SUN”

Shugo Nakamura here comes the sun

The intensity rollercoaster continues in this playlist.

What would be of this playlist if Shugo Nakamura – a singer with a tone that irradiates warmth – wasn’t on it? “Here comes The SUN” has a nostalgic tone to it, being a completely different approach to music that has summer as its main theme.

The song’s warmth is drawn from the acoustic guitars that drive this song forward in good Nakamura fashion.

The chorus feels like one of those improvisation sessions you’d have on a late night by the bonfire with your friends.

It’s carefree and fun, gentle at its core, and carrying a lot of feeling with it. Shugo Nakamura then ensures you feel the summer in you with a beautiful performance.

Makoto Furukawa “Pathos no Katachi”

Makoto Furukawa "from fairytale"

If we’re talking about songs that channel summer vibes, Makoto Furukawa’s “Pathos no Katachi” is a must mention.

This song explores the beauty of Latin Jazz, embracing salsa-inspired accordion and acoustic guitar melodies.

The piano still carries itself in a jazz fashion, adding a layer of mature playfulness to this track while the drums have a trademark Latin tempo, being in the middle of Bossa Nova, salsa, and Jazz.

The verses are tasteful, the chorus is elegant throughout, and the song shines with no end during its bridge.

The beautiful sequence of solos going on in that section will take you to a crowded dancefloor as Makoto Furukawa makes sure you never miss a beat.


THRIVE Wrap Wrap

This is a song that keeps popping up in my playlists due to how versatile its mood is. Summer is not only mindless fun or laidback times.

It’s also about romance.

And THRIVE perfectly capture that in the suggestive “WRAP WRAP”.

The focus on Latin percussion and embracing a danceable, salsa-inspired brass section made this song shine as a song made for the summer.

It’s playful, mature, and massively danceable – thank you to the punchy bassline that absolutely kills it in the chorus – and those vocals, although still in a pop register, add a riveting vibe to this track.

If you want to wind down and explore the romantic side of summer, this is the track.

Miyu Irino “Monet”

Miyu Irino Live your dream

Still in the same Latin-inspired note, you have Miyu Irino’s “Monet”, song that creates an awesome late summer evening vibe.

Although inspired by Irino’s adventures in Spain during his hiatus, he clearly went the Latin, salsa-inspired route for this song.

The song is slow-paced, with an acoustic guitar and Cajon leading the way as far as melody and beat go.

Then you have a contrabass and piano adding the final touches to this song that feels like the end of the summer.

It carries that nostalgia as well as longing and love that are part of partying ways with something you love.

Miyu Irino captured the carefree, fun, and melodic approach to acoustic music in Spain and Latin America in this tune, crafting what is one of my all-time favorite tracks of his and a perfect entry in this list.


r secret luv 1

Another tune made for summer yet another one in which love comes to the spotlight.

The Marginal #4 franchise is filled with hidden gems – much because it has fallen from grace around 2015 – 2016 and never managed to recover its popularity – that you should explore.

R Nomura (CV: Yuto Suzuki) is Marginal #4’s leader and one of the best vocals in the Pythagoras Production franchise and 2019, he got to showcase his talents in the solo track “SECRET LUV”.

As soon as the song starts playing, you notice that summer is here although on a nostalgic note. The piano melodies are dreamy, the atmospheric synths are distant, the beat is splashy.

It feels more like longing for someone in a time-sensitive relationship. Whether you’ll connect with the song’s lyrics will be up to your experiences with love but this surely is a song that feels like summer albeit a bittersweet one.

VAZZY “Yurete Itai yo”


Earlier this year, when talking about the best songs released in 2020, I mentioned that VAZZY’s “Yurete Itai yo” was among those.

And it truly is. This time around, however, I bring this song to the spotlight for how well it captures the summer vibe in its instrumental.

The soundscape is wide, the bassline is prominent and punchy, the piano melody is the standard expected in dance music, carrying itself in a bright yet never peppy way. The beat is simple but extremely bassy, something that with the bassline and clap track further enhance the summer vibe to it.

The verses are dreamy, with funky guitar riffs and piano melodies creating a delicate, late summer vibe that you’ll want to lose yourself in.

When the chorus hits, you’ll be the fourth member in this performance, singing along to Tarusuke Shingaki, Yusuke Kobayashi, and Shun Horie (coincidently, a rare case of VAZZROCK’s best vocals being all in the same place).

Momochi “Last Coffee”

momochi 1

As far as difficult choices go, having to choose between Momochi (CV: Toshiyuki Toyonaga)’s “Last Coffee” and “SCARLET GAME” was a tough task.

Both are part of an album that was all about its groove and danceable vibe. As you listen to both tracks you’ll get those summer vibes however, as this playlist is wrapping up, you’re getting to the part that is nostalgic, dark, and, in a way, romance-filled.

Momochi has the most eclectic repertoire in the Dear Vocalist franchise thus, to find him tackling a song as the punchy, tropical-inspired “Last Coffee” came as a surprise, a pleasant one to boot.

The song has a comfortable tempo with a big focus on the bass sound. Everything flows at a steady tempo to the chorus that, although not explosive in speed, it’s in its emotional baggage.

Don’t be fooled by the tone of the song, the lyrics are dark, pitch black at times, still, it serves as a good send off track as you wrap up this playlist.

Koutaro Nishiyama “Tobikiri no Yoru wa koko ni aru”

Koutaro Nishiyama CITY regular edition cover

Late summer vibes take over Koutaro Nishiyama’s groovy “Tobikiri no Yoru wa koko ni aru”.

Funky guitar riffs wink at the summery soundscape in front of you as delicately in the background, citypop inspired synths to create that nostalgia that comes with the end of this season.

The pacing is comfortable, with the beat having a loungy touch to it and the bassline is the right amount of punchy goodness, both helping flesh out this relaxing and warm late summer-inspired song.

Koutaro Nishiyama is pretty cozy with you on the vocal end. He works the soundscape in a really cool way, almost like he’s going around it while performing. It feels like a song you’d listen to in an evening summer lounge.

Jyuto Iruma “Uncrushable”


While this is far from being a song with happy or nostalgic vibes about summer – at least lyrics-wise – its instrumental is exactly what you’d expect of a tune created with the image of “seashore” in your mind.

Repping Yokohama, a seaside city, it’s no wonder that most tunes by MAD TRIGGER CREW have that twist, channeling the good vibes that come with the territory.

One such song to pull off those late summer vibes while on a drive is “Uncrushable”, solo track by Jyuto Iruma (CV: Wataru Komada).

The piano melody is reminiscing of old-school 90s hip-hop (US Westside), being pretty simplistic yet an accent powerful enough to bring out those summer vibes to the spotlight.

The beat is hard-hitting and bassy at all times, something that the deep crunchy bassline in the background further adds depth to. When the chorus comes in, you’re already well into the whole late summer drive vibe, singing and rapping along, feeling the group in those big piano melodies.

A must addition to your playlist.

BAE “P△R△DISE (feat. ISSA)”

BAE Paradox Live Exhibition Show

Another track that has that late summer drive vibe is BAE’s “P△R△DISE (feat. ISSA)”. Everything about this song is good vibes, celebrating the good times and looking forward to new adventures.

It sounds like a wink and a “see you later” to the summer season as you drive off near the seashore as the vivid orange sunset colors the landscape.

You want to lose yourself in these good vibes and, in a way, you’ll be feeling nostalgic about the season that is coming to an end.

Welcome to Paradise indeed.

Miyu Irino “Yulansen”

Miyu Irino Life is... regular edition

Miyu Irino gets a double feature in this list and that’s because “Yulansen” is that good of a late summer type of vibe track.

The pacing to this song is comfortable, guitars are melancholic and the piano carries a bit of nostalgia with it as Irino gently paints the soundscape you’re in.

Funky guitar riffs play alongside splashy drums and a punchy bassline – I dare say the best bassline in this list feature – as Irino delivers the whole chorus in a dual fashion of all-out falsetto and all-out warm mid-tones.

This is a song that will give you late evening lounge vibes or take you on a drive with the sunset as your destination. The guitar solo makes its entrance and that nostalgia cranks up to the maximum.

A masterful song and a must add to this list feature.

Soma Saito “BOOKMARK”

Soma Saito "in bloom"

And because a good summer deserves to be remembered, Soma Saito’s loungy “BOOKMARK” makes its way into this list.

Written, composed, and arranged (co-credit with guest rapper J) by Saito himself, this is a track result of late-night ramblings, a lot of nostalgia – not necessarily for summer – and plenty of good vibes.

Distant brass puts nostalgia on the spotlight as distant, while funky guitar riffs and a simple bassy beat add those late summer night vibes.

You’re reminiscing on the adventures, new passions, and good moments in this season.

And you do so through the smooth, gentle singing and rapping of Soma Saito and rapper J.

This is a track that smells and feels like late summer nostalgia, a track in which you encapsulate your memories of good vibes and moments.

SolidS “Back On Track”

tsukipro the animation vol3

Wrapping up this list feature is one of the best summer-themed tracks and the perfect send-off for any summer playlist.

SolidS’ “Back On Track” was released in 2018 after being premiered in 2017 for TSUKIPRO the animation.

The beat is comfortable, the synths are washy, building quite the hype to the chorus that introduces a progressive beat and quite the laidback progression riding on top of the bassline.

SolidS’ vocals are also on a whole different level on this track. You can feel their bonds and the track’s message is as clear as day to you.

You’re literally taken on a drive with no destination. It’s just you and your group of close friends, the road is yours, the seashore winks at you as the sun sets, and a gentle breeze trails your face.

The memories you’ll make in this drive will mark you even if the destination is unknown because all that matters is the people that are with you.

That’s a nice sentiment befitting of the end of the summer and a perfect ending note for this feature.

These were my picks for the 13 Late Summer Tunes by Seiyuu Artists and 2D groups. I put those in a neat playlist on Spotify – the link is below – for you to listen to time and time again.

You also have a link below to the complete playlist/mixtape featuring 20 songs and up to 1h20 of pure good vibes.

This will be a good way to remember the summer of 2021 even if this was atypical for many of you.

Hope all 3 playlists put a smile on your face and spread good vibes during what remains of this summer season and, at the same time, that you discover “new” artists or groups to follow (or check).

Autumn/Fall is here and so is the nostalgia and longing inherent to it.

Hold on to the good memories of this summer and smile.

An additional note: A video version will be released as well, covering some of the tracks.

Make sure to check our YouTube channel for that special SEIYUU LOUNGE episode!

And the complete Summer 2021 mixtape is here!

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  1. My picks for the summer songs by seiyuus:
    Kenyuu Horiuchi – El Fuego (Oscar’s character song from Angelique Retour)

    Hideyuki Tanaka – Sekai de Tatta Hitotsu no Bashou he ~home green home~ (Clavis’ character song Angelique series).
    Was in doubt whether to put this one… or his Doflamingo character songs from One Piece. In the end I decidedt o put this one on the list, since it kinda evoces an image of summer forest. At least for me.

    Tetsuya Kakihara – El Sol Florecer (Haduki You’s song from Tsukiuta franchise)

    Hiroyuki Yoshino – Amore Bambina (Debito’s character song from Arcana Famiglia franchise)
    While I picked Hiroyuki Yoshino’s song, honestly, any of the character songs from that franchise fits.

    Shunsuke Takeuchi – In Summer (from the “Frozen” movie)
    Because why not?

    There’s also Daiki Yamashita’s song, called “Yomenai Kanji, Yomitai Omoi”. It’s pretty summer-like as well. Although it’s arther problematic to find, since it’s a character song from “Glasslip” anime and there’s… not a lot of fans of it XD

    • Now I understood what you said you meant that a Tetsuya Kakihara song would be featured in this list xD I hadn’t even thought about his song in the Tsukiuta franchise!

      I’m with you about the Arcana Famiglia franchise character songs. All had that Italian touch that, in a way evokes summer.

      As always, you bring a bit of the old-school touch with your suggestions which is awesome! I’ll make sure to check Horiuchi and Tanaka’s songs. Once again, the Angelique series was an absolute gold mine of quality – yet underrated – songs.

      Anton, thanks for the suggestions! It’s always a treat to get your perspective and always bringing rare/underrated songs to the spotlight!


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