Lantis unveils details on first “12 Songs Gift” release featuring Iori Izumi

Lantis unveiled details on first “12 Songs Gift” release, featuring IDOLiSH7‘s Iori Izumi (Toshiki Masuda).

For those that have been out of the loop: “12 Songs Gift” is a series of solo songs to be released starting this January. A total of 12 singles, one for each member of IDOLiSH7, TRIGGER and Re:vale, are scheduled to be released throughout the year. The solo songs releases coincide with the character’s birthdays.

The first one up is Iori Izumi’s (Toshiki Masuda). The single is titled “ONE Dream” and is scheduled to be released on 25/01/2018, available digitally only.

The cover art is the following:

The tracklist includes only “ONE dream“.

A short video with a snippet of the song is already out on IDOLiSH7‘s official youtube channel.

For more details on this series please refer to this article.

SOURCE: IDOLiSH7 official website